Are Reusable Water Bottles Safe?

  • By: Claire
  • Date: April 26, 2022
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Why You Should Consider Opting for Safe Water Bottles

Using safe water bottles is one of the best options to stay hydrated on the go without worrying about negative health effects. Although many people may think of plastic bottles as a cheap, convenient option, the truth is that drinking bottled water may not be as safe or healthy as drinking water straight from the tap.

The quality of tap water is controlled by the UK government and is much more reliable in terms of quality compared to claims by private companies looking to make a profit.

Parents, for example, may be worried about whether their children are drinking out of safe water bottles at school; drinking unclean water or water with chemical traces can be very harmful to health in the short and long term. Similarly, if you are a caregiver for the elderly or sick, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re drinking water from safe water bottles.

Bacteria Content in Plastic Versus Safe Water Bottles

Safe water bottles are not only healthy and reusable, but they also provide an impressive range of real-time benefits to consumers as well as to the environment. Let us first compare safe water bottles with plastic, single-use ones and understand why you should consider buying reusable bottles instead.

Although many companies claim that the water contained in bottles is healthy and bacteria-free, this is far from being the truth. Bottled water often contains more bacteria compared to direct tap water as the water has been bottled since weeks or months.

Keep in mind that plastic water bottles are often stocked on supermarket shelves for many weeks. The stagnant nature of bottled water at warm or ambient temperatures makes it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

The Risks of BPA and PET in disposable Plastic Bottles

Why choose to drink stale water packed in a plastic container when you can drink refreshing water out of your tap? By cleaning your reusable bottles daily, you can ensure that you drink out of safe water bottles on a daily basis. Moreover, by using reusable water bottles for your entire family, you can be confident in making a healthier choice.

New research indicates that PET, a major component in disposable plastics, contains antimony trioxide, a chemical that may cause cancer and hormonal imbalances. They also contain a harmful plastic called BPA that has negative health effects. Safe water bottles are usually made of materials like stainless steel that do not contain any BPA or PET.

Also, even though the plastic used may not contain BPA, it often contains other toxic substances that disrupt our natural hormonal balances.

Moreover, plastic bottles retain flavours and this often ruins the taste of water. If you carried iced tea to work the previous day and refilled the bottle (even after washing) the next day with fresh water, it’ll probably taste of iced tea. Stainless steel safe water bottles, on the other hand, don’t retain flavours – you can enjoy the fresh, natural taste of water straight from the tap.

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