Chilly’s Bottles?

  • By: Miriam
  • Date: May 9, 2022
  • Time to read: 10 min.

Chilly’s – The insulated water bottle that keeps water cold for 24 hours

One of the reasons people often give for wanting to buy water on the go is that they just can’t bear drinking lukewarm water. Once you have an insulated water bottle you’ll never have to suffer warm water again, unless you want to.

There are many brands of insulated water bottles that will keep your water cold all day, and we’ve picked out Chilly’s bottles as being one of the best.

The stainless steel construction and double-walled vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of whatever you are drinking regardless of how hot or cold it is outside while keeping the contents fresh.

And because of the insulation not only can you enjoy ice-cold water all-day but the outside of the bottle remains condensation free and the same temperature as the outside environment rather than the contents of the bottle.

How to keep your water cold in your water bottle for as long as possible.

If you know it’s going to be a hot day and you’re going to want an ice-cold drink at the end of it, hours after you’ve left the house, there are a few things you can do to help keep your water as cold as possible.


  • Pre-Chill your water. Putting a full Chilly’s bottle, or another insulated bottle in the fridge or freezer won’t chill the water due to the vacuum insulation. However, you can pre-chill water in a glass bottle or filter jug in the fridge.
  • Add ice. Even if you can’t pre-chill your water it’s still pretty cold from the tap and if you add a few ice cubes this will quickly take the temperature down from cool to ice cold.
  • Pre-chill your bottle. This is the same principle as pre-warming a teapot or an insulated coffee cup, the closer in temperature the bottle is to the liquid you are putting in, the less heat transfer there will be initially. You can chill by putting in the fridge with the lid off, or filling with icy water.

If you end up running out of icy water while you are out and about don’t panic. There are lots of places you can refill your bottle including big-name coffee chains. And most places will let you fill up your bottle if you ask. If you’re unsure try the refill app so you can stay hydrated and stay healthy without buying bottled water.

Chilly’s are a company with a mission to “Accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.

Set up in 2010 by James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle Chilly’s Bottles aims to be a simple everyday solution to a simple everyday problem. The ability to have ice cold water on the go without having to go into a shop and buy a plastic bottle.

The result, a simple, stylish bottle that does everything you would expect a flask to do, keeping drinks ice cold or piping hot, but in a much sleeker and more streamlined way. Chilly’s Bottles come in three sizes, so you can choose one that will fit in your pocket or choose one that will keep you hydrated all day.

The vacuum insulation technology of Chilly’s Bottles, high-quality stainless steel, and gorgeous designs (there are so many to choose from) means when you buy a Chilly’s bottle you get a sleek design, unrivalled performance and great environmental credentials all in one go.

If you are looking for a new water bottle for yourself or someone else then we highly recommend a Chilly’s bottle. They make the most fantastic gift as they come packaged in a cardboard tube that matches the bottle inside and they look so good you’ll be delighted to carry one with you everywhere you go.

BPA free stainless steel water bottles

Chilly’s Bottles BPA free as it’s made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel. This means it’s healthy for you, your children, your family, and the planet. No more plastic potentially leaking toxins into your drinks. And no more single-use plastic bottles to recycle.

Stainless steel is also incredibly durable. A reusable plastic bottle is better than buying bottled water for sure but they are often brittle and one drop on a hard floor and they’re done for. Stainless steel is far more durable and if you care for your bottle it will last you for years and years.

Double wall vacuum insulated

Unlike many metal water bottles Chilly’s are vacuum insulated which means they keep drinks COLD for 24 hours and HOT for 12 hours. They act like a flask so you can have ice-cold water all day no matter what the temperature is doing outside or have a hot cuppa in your bag ready and waiting for you when you get to the park.

Chilly’s Bottles have an insulation technology that ensures a condensation and sweat-free exterior so you can throw your bottle in your bag without worrying about getting the contents damp. And you don’t feel the temperature of the contents so you burn your hands if you’re cradling a bottle of hot chocolate and get cold hands while you’re holding a bottle of ice-cold water.

Not just bottles: Chilly’s Coffee Cups and Accessories

If you are a fan of Chilly’s gorgeous designs and love their bottles you’ll be pleased to know they also make a fabulous range of coffee cups that will keep your coffee hot while you drink it on the go or at home. And hopefully, save a good few disposable coffee cups as well.

Accessories include the very handy carabiner which is perfect for attaching your bottle to your bag or belt. And the bottle brush is ideal for keeping your bottle sparkling and your drinks fresh.

Chilly’s Water Bottles

Chilly’s make high end designer water bottles that come in a huge range of amazing colours and designs, that are insulated to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, and that come in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

These bottles were designed to make sense for busy lives. The founders wanted to create a bottle that you really like, enough to take out with you every day, and therefore ditch the habit of buying water in plastic bottles.

So are they any good?

Technical info

Chilly’s bottles are made from food-grade stainless steel, they are BPA free. The interior of the lid is plastic and the seal is a silicone o-ring.

The opening at the mouth is fairly narrow at 35mm which is quite a bit narrower than the Klean Kanteen or FOSH equivalent bottles. This makes Chilly’s arguably easier to drink from while you are on the go, less chance of spilling water or anything else you might be drinking down your front, but the narrower neck does also make it more difficult to add ice cubes and you might want to invest in their special ice cube tray.

The bottles are available in 3 sizes: 260ml which measures 20.3 x 6.4cm, 500ml which measures 26 x 7cm and 750ml which measures 30 x 7.6cm.

What’s great about Chilly’s bottles?

When it comes to meeting a need it’s pretty obvious what you will require from a reusable bottle and Chilly’s bottles tick all the boxes.

✔ Leakproof. Throw it in your bag or wave it around your head. So long as you’ve got the lid on you’re all good.

✔ Insulated keeps drinks hot or cold. Even kept wine ice cold all day at a sweltering hot festival, the outside of the bottle was hot to touch. The contents super chilled!

✔ Stylish. These bottles look great. Whether you want matt black, shiny rose gold, pretty pink flamingos or gorgeous Emma Bridgewater designs there’s a Chilly’s bottle for every style. And it’s fine to collect all your favourites!

Plus they are stainless steel so easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and they come beautifully packaged so make great gifts.

When a Chilly’s bottle might not be the best choice

❌ Not a negative as such, especially not for people who like to drink straight from the bottle, but Chilly’s bottles don’t have the option of a flip or sports lid meaning they are trickier for one-handed operation and might not be your first choice for children or for a bottle to use at the gym.

That being said the small bottles are the perfect size for keeping a kids size portion of milk or juice cold all day and you can always use a straw.

❌ The size of the mouth. Although this is arguably the perfect size to drink from, which is obviously the primary function of a water bottle, I would argue it is not the perfect size for adding ice cubes, bashing may be required if you don’t have the funky Chilly’s tray. It’s also not my favourite bottle for making herbal tea in, although I do because I can make it before I go to bed and drink it, still hot, in the morning.

Are Chilly’s Bottles worth it?

Spending over £20 on a water bottle might seem like a lot of money but I think it’s fair to say, as is so often the case you get what you pay for.

Chilly’s bottles are very durable, offer great performance, and look great. If you are drawn to the style and love the designs then these bottles won’t disappoint in terms of performance or value for money.

Chilly’s Bottles FAQ’s

Do Chilly’s Bottles leak?

No, absolutely not. Thanks to the airtight seal you can turn them upside down and shake them all around to your heart’s content. So long as you put the lid on first.

Do Chilly’s Bottles keep drinks hot?

Yes they do! For hours. Up to 12 in fact, if you fill them right to the top with boiling water and don’t open the lid. For best results pre-heat the bottle with boiling water and fill right to the top with your chosen drink.

Once you remove some of the liquid and open the lid multiple times your drink will cool quicker, so if you want two hot drinks one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon you might be better off getting two of the smaller bottles.

How long do Chilly’s bottles keep drinks cold?

Chilly’s bottles are designed to keep your drink cold for 24 hours. Fill it to the top and add ice if you can for best results.

Are Chilly’s bottles suitable for Children?

Yes absolutely. They are durable and BPA free making them great for kids. However, drinking from a bottle can take a bit of practice so you might want to get a straw or choose a different bottle with a sports cap or straw lid that will lead to fewer spills on the go.

Can you use a Chilly’s Bottle for Soup?

Chilly’s bottles are great for keeping liquids hot and as they are made from stainless steel they don’t retain or impart flavours so if you need something to take your soup to work in and keep it hot till lunchtime occasionally why not use your Chilly bottle?

If you want a flask specifically for soup you might prefer something with a wider mouth that is easier to eat from.

How long do Chilly’s Bottles last?

High-quality stainless steel bottles are incredibly durable. If you look after your Chilly’s bottle it will last for years. They don’t like the dishwasher so instead clean with warm soapy water.

Can you put Chilly’s bottles in the Freezer?

Putting your Chilly’s bottle in the Freezer is not recommended and because they are insulated won’t affect the temperature of the water inside anyway.

Can you put Chilly’s bottles in the Fridge?

As with the freezer putting your bottle in the fridge won’t affect the temperature of the water due to the insulation.

Are Chilly’s Bottles dishwasher safe?

No, your chilly’s bottle will not like the dishwasher. This is both to preserve the paint and to keep the vacuum working. Stainless steel is easy to clean using warm soapy water and a bottle brush, and you can use bicarbonate of soda is you need an occasional deeper clean.

Choose to reuse

We might be seeing a rise in reusable water bottles, with brands like Chilly’s Bottles, FOSH, and Klean Kanteen leading the way with their stylish, practical and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. But we still have a long way to go.

Research carried out by Zenith showed that UK consumption of bottled water actually increased by 7% in 2018, put down to the effect of a hot summer, giving us reason to believe that we still need to shout about choosing to reuse.

Choose a bottle that you love the look of. Choose a bottle that’s the perfect size for you. Choose a bottle that fits in your handbag. Choose a different bottle for every day of the week if that helps. And make you have it with you.

Every time to choose to reuse you:

  • Reduce plastic waste – over 7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year in the UK. That’s insane. But every time you refill instead of buying a plastic bottle that’s one less bottle stopped at source.
  • Save money – It might only be 50p at a time but it soon adds up and it’s likely to be a lot more than 50p. Yes buying a reusable bottle has a cost but stainless steel bottles last for years so there’s plenty of opportunities to save.
  • Protect the planet – The environmental impact of bottled water isn’t just the single-use plastic that it comes in. It takes approximately 2 litres of water to make a plastic bottle, energy is required and CO2 is produced.

Join the refill revolution

The are many reasons people might end up buying a bottle of water when they are out and about, many of which can be avoided with a decent reusable bottle (or 3) and the use of the refill app.

One reason you might buy water is that you just really want an ice-cold drink. Water that has been in your bag all day or sitting in a stainless steel bottle next to you in the sun for an hour can be less than appealing when you need to cool off.

If you are a fan of icy water we recommend you get an insulated bottle like one of the Chilly’s bottles. These super stylish stainless steel bottles keep water ice-cold for 24 hours even on really hot days. And with more and more refill points available you should be able to refill easily if you need extra hydration.

We understand that not everyone likes drinking water straight out of a tap, but thankfully there are now more and more refill points providing filtered water so keep your eyes peeled or use the refill app.