How Long Do Travel Mugs Keep Drinks Warm?

  • By: Claire
  • Date: April 26, 2022
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Generally, most travel mugs you can buy on the market do a good job of keeping your favourite beverage warm while you’re on the go. But for how long do they keep drinks warm?

What’s better than waking up and starting the day with a cup of hot coffee or tea? How about enjoying the contents up to the last drop even when you’re on the go? That is if it’s still warm after an hour or so. Well, you certainly can by using a travel mug.

Travel mugs are designed to tote drinks anywhere. Whether you are hiking, commuting or rushing to finish a deadline in the office, travel mugs will be a convenient vessel for your drink. There are 3 types of travel mugs based on the material used in making them; reusable plastic, glass and stainless steel which is the most common material.

Reusable plastic travel mugs can keep the contents hot for a couple of hours only. So if you are a busy bee, it could be troublesome to reheat your coffee. They are also good conductor of heat so they most likely come with silicone sleeves but still be careful, otherwise you might burn your hands.

Glass, on the other hand, can’t keep drinks warm long enough. Glass travel mugs are often designed and detailed with silicone sleeve and lid in order to have a firmer grasp without scalding your hands. Furthermore, extra caution should be observed in dealing with hot contents.

Travel mugs that are made from stainless steel are the best in keeping drinks warm for hours. A great example of this category is Klean Kanteen’s Vacuum Insulated Tumbler. It is a perfect travel mug for any type of drinks like a hot cappuccino. Actually, what’s perfect is that it keeps the contents hot for 4 hours and ice cold for 20 hours. Now that’s something!

Mind blowing. You might be wondering how this happened. Well, Klean Kanteen has designed travel mugs that are made from food-grade stainless steel construction and feature a Climate Lock technology. The double-walled vacuum insulation keeps the contents warm for a longer period of time.

Stainless steels are non-porous materials. They are easy to clean and won’t retain flavors. Travel mugs that are made from stainless steel have maximum temperature retention. Stainless steel alone will keep the contents warm or cold for hours. And, when paired and constructed with double-wall insulation such as vacuum, like Klean Kanteen’s, it prevents the inside’s temperature from getting out. It also prevents condensation on the exterior.

Chilly’s Bottles Coffee Cup, has the same double-walled technology that keeps the contents hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. It also lets users enjoy the warm contents without burning their hands.

But the reality is, in order to enjoy and savor the contents up to the last drop, you will need to pay a hefty price. The longer a travel mug is able retain the temperature of your beverage, the more expensive it is. Depending on how long you’d like to enjoy your coffee and tea, pretty sure, the price will never be a problem. Also, stainless steel travel mugs are cost-efficient in the long run. They are even better in keeping the environment safe.

In conclusion, the quality of the material of a travel mug can affect its ability to retain the temperature of its contents. Travel mugs that are made from stainless steel are capable of keeping the beverage hot or cold the longest with the innovation and technology of vacuum insulation.

Moreover, travel mugs that are made from high-quality stainless steel fabrication can be pretty expensive but are durable, eco-friendly and feature fantastic insulation.

There are also different kinds of vacuum insulated travel mugs that let you enjoy hot drinks for hours. They may be pricey but if you don’t want the trouble of reheating your coffee, then why not?

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