• By: Miriam
  • Date: April 26, 2022
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Pokito – The pocket-sized reusable cup

Invented by Andrew Brooks after seeing first hand the impact of disposable coffee cups, Pokito cups are environmentally sustainable after just 15 uses, tested for over 1500 uses and made from recyclable materials.

Perfect for taking with you to coffee shops you simply pop it open to one of three sizes (8oz, 120z or 16oz), enjoy your drink, and then squash it back down to pocket size and stow away for next time. All the while feeling good about yourself for not using disposable cups.

Pokito Collapsible Coffee Cups

There are a lot of reusable coffee cups available on the market, many of which are great, but Pokito is special in a number of ways. Not only is it lightweight, dishwasher safe and made from food-safe materials:

Pokito Collapses

Despite being able to hold a full sized coffee this clever coffee cup squishes down to just 4.5cm making it easy to keep in your handbag or pocket so it’s always ready to use. The insulated band adds stability as well as stopping you from burning your fingers.

Pokito has three sizes

Unlike other collapsible cups, Pokito is three sizes in one. It can be an 8oz espresso cup, a regular 12oz cup or open it fully for a 16oz ‘grande’.

Pokito is spillproof

Engineered to within a 10th of a millimetre the stopper means this cup is spill proof when full and perfectly safe to put in your bag or pocket after you’ve finished your coffee.

And Pokito is made in the UK

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