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  • By: Miriam
  • Date: April 24, 2022
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The Que Bottle collapsible bottle is the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle. Wherever you go or whatever you do take your Que bottle with you and you’ll always be able to refill and stay hydrated.

Que bottles are made from non-toxic, food safe, BPA free silicone material with a stainless steel lid and a stainless steel ring to reinforce the neck of the bottle. They are incredibly durable (although they don’t like sharp objects) and can be used for hot or cold drinks.

A bit about the Que Bottle

The Que Bottle is has been designed as a travel bottle that’s lightweight and saves space. Born from a passion for both music and travel the Que bottle offers a great alternative to plastic that you can pop in your travel bag, cup holder or bottle holder.

The unique spiral design means you can collapse or expand it easily meaning a 20oz (592ml) water bottle only takes up 13.6 x 8cm and weighs just 170g when not being used.

The silicone construction means its soft and easy to grip and can take being bashed about a bit. So it’s great for children as well as having in your bag while you travel.

And because silicone is so resilient to both high and low temperatures you can freeze it (just make sure it’s not completely full), and use it for hot beverages. Not too hot though or you will burn your hands.

Silicone is non-reactive and won’t retain or impart flavours making this a great choice if you like to mix up what you’re drinking. And it’s easy to clean. The food grade stainless steel lid is leak proof and the opening is wide enough to add ice cubes or fruit to your drinks.

The Que Bottle is:

  • Leak-proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from 100% BPA free food grade materials
  • Available as a 20 fl oz or 12 fl oz bottle.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for travel

Que Bottle also donates 10% of profits to The Rainforest Trust. Helping to safeguard millions of acres of habitat around the world.

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