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  • Date: April 25, 2022
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Qwetch offers a great range of high-quality products that allow you to eat, drink and infuse on the go without generating waste.

Qwetch was born on a trip to China where everyone drinks loose tea all the time. The Infuse Flask was their first product, designed as a portable tea mug that would allow you to drink the perfectly brewed cup of loose leaf tea, anytime, anywhere.

Their Infuse flask is a great product, popular with tea drinkers and those that love flavoured water. And they also makes a range of insulated drinks bottles and food containers allowing you to have great food and drink on the go as well as great tea.

Qwetch Products

Qwetch stylish insulated containers are made in China in factories chosen for their quality and social engagement. Only the highest quality materials are used that are free of any toxins that may be harmful to health and all their products are leak proof thanks to the silicone seals placed in the lids.

Infuse Flasks/Tea Mugs

The Qwetch infuse flasks are the perfect on-the-go cup for those that love loose leaf tea or fruit infusions.

Available in either double walled glass or stainless steel they come with two different filters for long or short infusions. The stainless steel version will keep drinks HOT for 5 hours and COLD for 7 hours, while the glass version will keep drinks hot or cold for an hour which should be long enough to drink.

Insulated Drinks Bottles

Qwetch insulated drinks bottles come in a range of sizes and feature double wall vacuum insulation that will keep drinks COLD for 24 hours and HOT for 12 hours.

We particularly like the 1.5l bottle which comes with a handy carry handle and is perfect for keeping all the family hydrated on a day out or meaning you don’t have to refill so often during the day.

The airtight lids are completely leakproof and the double wall design means the outside of the bottle stays condensation free. Perfect for chucking in a bag or using at our desk.

Food Containers

The Qwetch food containers are perfect for taking hot food with you on-the-go. The large 500ml capacity is great if you want a nice big bowl of soup or stew at lunchtime and great for things like pasta and salads as well.

The double wall vacuum insulation gives you 5 hours HOT and 7 hours COLD which is perfect for lunchtime.

We are also big fans of Qwetch’s new insulated bento box. This container holds 850ml and has two layers so you can keep foods separate. This container is great for picking up a takeaway and reducing the number of single-use cartons you end up with.

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