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Maybe you are fed up with throwing away disposable coffee cups knowing that they are almost impossible to recycle? Maybe you’re fed up of making yourself a coffee and coming back to it cold two hours later? Or maybe you’re looking to save a few pennies by making your coffee at home?

Whatever the reason, having a great travel cup will change your relationship with coffee and other hot drinks. A good reusable coffee cup will save you money, is better for the environment. If it has good insulation, it dramatically reduces the likelihood of drinking cold coffee or lukewarm tea.

Find the travel mugs and coffee cups to save money, reduce waste and keep your coffee hot while travelling.

Having good travel cups means you can take your tea, coffee or any other beverage with you on the go. Whether that’s just a way to bring your coffee from the coffee shop to the office, use in the car for the morning commute, or an insulated mug you can throw in your bag for the school run.

Travel mugs and coffee cups for every occasion

We have a great range of eco-friendly reusable coffee cups and travel mugs that will allow you to enjoy hot coffee on the go whatever the occasion.

The double walled stainless steel vacuum insulated versions offer great heat retention while still allowing you to sip your coffee like you would from a disposable coffee cup.

There are leak-proof options if you want to be able to put your cup in your bag. Or you could opt for an insulated water bottle that will keep hot water piping hot for 12 hours or more.

There are easy to clean travel cups that are dishwasher safe. And even travel cups made from used cups.

Our Favourite Travel Cups

We love all the cups we stock and would sell them if we didn’t but we recognise that some really excel in different situations.

  • 1. Leak-free travel cups
  • 2. Best travel cup to replace disposables
  • 3. Travel cups to use at home
  • 4. Best small travel cup

The best travel cups for leak-free coffee while travelling

If you want a travel cup that’s 100% leak-proof for worry-free coffee drinking while travelling then we have two great options for you.

The best travel cups for leak-free coffee while travelling

If you want a travel cup that’s 100% leak-proof for worry-free coffee drinking while travelling then we have two great options for you.

The rCUP® is an innovative insulated cup made from recycled cups!

These travel cups are 100% leak-proof, BPA free, easy to open and close, dishwasher safe and made from recycled materials so they really do tick all the boxes.

You simply press to open and close and can drink from anywhere on the rim making this a great cup to use while you are on the move.

They’ve been tested to ensure they last over ten years. And you can replace the seals to keep them leak-free and working perfectly.

The rCUP® comes in 8oz or 12oz sizes making them perfect for a small or regular coffee.

They won a Which Best Buy and we can see why.

The Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap, an insulated stainless steel bottle that doubles as the perfect portable cup.

The innovative Cafe Cap is easy to drink from, just like a coffee cup, easy to take apart and clean and 100% leak free.

The fact that the lid is leak-proof means you can throw it in your bag or the seat of the car without worrying about spills and the double wall vacuum insulation keeps your coffee hot (or ice cold if you prefer) for literally hours.

Available in 12oz, 16oz and 20oz sizes in a great range of colours these travel cups are incredibly durable and very good at what they do. Climate Lock™ double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for 8 hours and ice cold for 24 hours in the 12oz, right up to 14 hours hot and 48 hours iced in the 20oz!

Perfect for those who enjoy a larger tea or coffee that will keep their coffee hot and contained all day.

The best travel cups for replacing disposable coffee cups

If you’re after a reusable cup you can take to your local coffee shop and have them fill it with your favourite coffee but don’t need it to be leak free then there are some great designs to choose from.

Most coffee shops now offer a discount if you bring your own cup. And you might even find you’re inclined to fill it before you leave the house saving you even more money.

Our favourites to replace your disposable coffee cup would be:

The FOSH Social Beaker is a stylish insulated stainless steel coffee cup that will keep your drink hot to the last sip.

These reusable coffee cups have been designed to be a great way to reduce waste and give you great tasting hot coffee on the go.

The triple wall vacuum technology keeps drinks hot or cold while being cool to touch and condensation free. And the 16oz capacity means they’re perfect for even a large coffee.

And the tapered design means it fits in most cup holders. Perfect if you like a coffee to keep you going on the commute.

The rCUP® also gets another vote here.

Its easy to use, leak-proof, easy to clean, durable and the perfect size for coffee shops. What more could you want?

The best travel cups for keeping coffee hot at home

If you are simply fed up with making yourself a cup of tea or coffee at home or at work and not getting to drink it before it gets cold then there are some great travel cups that are perfect for use even when you’re not travelling.

We love the U Konserve insulated Tumbler for keeping coffee hot or gin and tonic ice cold.

This super stylish cup has a lovely tulip shape that means it doesn’t fit in most cup holders but looks great and is really nice to hold.

The splash-proof lid is great for keeping the heat in and drinking on the go (and it will fit a reusable straw) but when you take the lid off the thin rim makes for a much nicer drinking experience than you get from most reusable travel cups.

And this stainless steel cup is dishwasher safe which is always a bonus.

The FOSH Social Beaker and Chilly’s Coffee cups are also great travel cups to use at home.

The best travel cups if you like a short coffee in a small reusable coffee cup

Chilly’s 230ml insulated coffee cups are the smallest reusable cup we stock and perfect for a flat white, double espresso or cortado.

If you like a short coffee then having a large reusable cup doesn’t really make sense as it won’t be as effective at keeping your coffee hot and will take up more space in your bag when not in use.

Chilly’s coffee cups come in a range of gorgeous designs and have a push fit lid like a disposable coffee cup that is easy to drink from and will reduce spills when you’re on the go.

The 8oz (237ml) Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler is also perfect for a short coffee.

This small but perfectly formed cup keeps drinks HOT for 2 hours or ICED for 10 hours making it equally good for a cocktail after work.

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