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  • Date: April 25, 2022
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Single wall and insulated tumblers for every day

Stainless steel tumblers are a practical, attractive alternative to fragile glassware or plastic cups. Available in a great range of sizes they are perfect for every occasion, from dining at home to picnics in the park or days on the beach.

Single wall tumblers are lightweight, stackable, virtually indestructible, and easy to clean. While double wall insulated tumblers are perfect for hot or cold drinks at home or on the go.

Our tumblers make great eco-friendly party glasses, are the perfect festival accessory, and will save a mountain of single-use plastic and disposable coffee cups from landfill. Remember, you only have to buy these once and you’ll have them forever. Not great for business perhaps but much better for the planet.


Reusable stainless steel tumblers are great for almost every occasion. They can be used at home to replace glass tumblers (or even wine glasses) and they’re the perfect alternative to plastic tumblers and disposable cups for parties, picnics, camping trips or days out.

If you have babies or young children chances are you don’t want to give them your best glassware for fear of breakages. But plastic tumblers aren’t necessarily a great solution either.

Plastic vs Stainless Steel

PlasticStainless Steel
Plastic tumblers aren’t a very eco-friendly option.Stainless steel tumblers are incredibly durable and can be fully recycled making them a great eco-friendly option.
It’s not particularly pleasant drinking out of plastic tumblers, especially when the edges have been chewed.Stainless steel tumblers are pretty much unbreakable and certainly chew proof meaning they will last for years and still be nice to drink from.
Finding plastic tumblers that are BPA free and don’t contain any other chemicals that may leech into your child’s drink is a worry.Stainless steel is non-reactive, requires no chemical or plastic coatings and has no known health effects making it a safe option for tumblers.
And once kids grow up they won’t want to be drinking out of plastic tumblers.Stainless steel tumblers are sleek and stylish and just as good for a cold glass of wine as they are for a cup of juice.

Insulated Tumblers

Our range of insulated tumblers provides a great eco-friendly alternative to glass or plastic tumblers as well as coffee mugs and cups that have the added benefit of keeping your drinks hot or cold for hours.

The Chilly’s Bottle Tumbler offers a really stylish way to sip both piping hot tea or an ice cold frappuccino. The specially designed lid has been designed to take a reusable straw which is great for cold drinks or you can simply drink from it like a disposable coffee cup.

Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler also offers the option of a straw lid or a coffee cup style lid and will keep your drinks piping hot or ice cold for hours.

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