U Konserve

  • By: Miriam
  • Date: April 25, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

U Konserve is a socially and environmentally responsible company that produces a great range of zero waste products that are ideal replacements for single-use plastic.

Their entire range from reusable glass bottles to insulated cups, stainless steel straws to food storage is ethically made using high-quality food safe materials. And every item in the range will help you eliminate single-use plastic from your daily life. Whether that’s giving your kids a waste-free lunch or giving up disposable coffee cups.

U Konserve is a certified B corporation meaning they meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility as well as a commitment to transparency and accountability in all aspects of the business.

U Konserve is also a 1% for the planet member meaning 1% or more of all profits are donated to environmental organisations.

All U Konserve products are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead. Making them safe for all the family and a far healthier option than single-use plastics for food storage. Their products are also designed to last, meaning you’ll quickly save money.

Refilling your reusable water bottle is free, most places will give you a discount if you bring your own coffee cup, and taking hot food from home is money saving, healthy and reduces waste.

U Konserve offers a great range of high quality, stylish products to help you reduce waste in your day to day life. From an insulated food jar allowing you to take lunch with you or lunch bags, lunch boxes and food wraps for school, work or play, they have zero waste food storage sorted.

And of course, a great range of reusable water bottles, insulated tumblers and accessories to keep you hydrated without the need for single-use plastic.

Insulated Tumblers

U Konserve Insulated Tumblers are perfect for keeping your coffee hot or your gin and tonic ice cold. The brushed stainless finish and tulip shape make them a stylish alternative to your standard reusable travel mug and really nice to hold. These are perfect for using at your desk or enjoying a drink in the garden.

Reusable Straws

Their reusable straws come in a mini size as well as the regular length making them perfect for short drinks or children’s tumblers.

If you enjoy drinking from a straw but are conscious of the fact that each one gets used for a matter of minutes before being thrown away then this is an easy switch to make towards a more waste-free lifestyle.

Reusable straws are great for kids, especially the silicone ones (which can be cut to size if required) and easy to clean.

Glass Bottles

And we love the U Konserve reusable glass water bottles. The brightly coloured silicone sleeve protects the bottle from knocks and makes them non-slip. While the fact they are made from glass not only makes them environmentally friendly but a pleasure to drink from.

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