How Does Using Travel Mugs Help the Environment

Nowadays, it is so easy and quick to obtain coffee and other drinks. They can be simply put in either paper cups or disposable plastic containers. But have you ever thought of bringing your very own travel mug to your favorite local coffee shop? The idea of bringing your own travel mug for your favourite…


Are Reusable Coffee Cups Eco-Friendly?

Yes, reusable coffee cups are eco-friendly. The ‘Disposable’ Problem Due to the UK’s love for takeaway coffee, an estimated 2.5 billion disposable cups are being used annually in the country alone. Even though some companies actively promote that disposable cups are recyclable, which to some extent is true, only a measly 1% are actually recycled….


How Often Should You Wash Your Reusable Coffee Cup

Many people love coffee but not all of these people feel the same way for its container. If you are one of those people who uses a reusable coffee cup because you want to cut back on your single-use plastic waste, you might have neglected washing your cup of brew. reusable coffee cups washing tips…


Which Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is Best for You

Whether it’s for hiking, cycling, exercising or for personal use at work, a stainless steel water bottle can keep you hydrated in style. They’re great alternatives to disposable plastic bottles because they are reusable, eco-friendly, good for our body and the environment. We’re responsible for what’s happening to our environment and right now, it’s not…


Learn More About Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen The quest for sustainability is never ending. A lot of companies have been emerging in the pursuit of protecting the environment and reducing the staggering and looming large dangers of pollution. One of these wonderful companies is Klean Kanteen. They are a planet-friendly company that manufactures stainless steel products such as reusable water…


Why Are Klean Kanteen Water Bottles the Best?

Klean Kanteen Reusable water bottles provide convenience, comfort and portability. It is not just designed to let people enjoy easy access to hydration but also help reduce the amount of waste produced by using single-use plastic bottles. They are widely known for their innovative stainless steel water bottles. They are probably one of the best…


How Much Water Do I Need for Hiking?

Hiking and Stainless Steel Water Bottles Many people enjoy hiking which involves walking in the countryside or in the wilderness because it’s a good form of exercise. It is also a good way to free the mind, breathe fresh air and relieve stress. It’s different from backpacking because it does not include overnight gear. Nevertheless,…


Are Reusable Straws Better for the Environment?

Undoubtedly, eco-friendly straws are better for the environment. The absolute certainty that they get to be reused many times is valid enough to make them planet-friendly tools. Plastic Straws Disposable straws, and plastic in general, have become the environmental scourge everyone’s trying to deal with. As their name implies, disposable straws are disposed of after…


How to Clean Reusable Straws?

The easiest way to clean reusable straws is to pop them in the dishwasher. They get cleaned without you having to worry about wasting or using too much soap and water. However, they can still house germs and bacteria that might cause serious health problems. Imagine the bacteria build-up from the sugary drinks. Or the…


What Are the Best Reusable Coffee Cups for Your Daily Commute

Whether you are looking to cut back on single-use cups or want to enjoy the taste of your favourite hot coffee, you may be considering getting yourself one of those fancy looking portable coffee cups. Billions of cups are being disposed of annually and unfortunately most of them end up incinerated, piling up in landfills…