Water Bottle Brands

Choosing the best water bottles makes sense.

  • It’s financially beneficial as you’ll save the money needed to buy bottled water or other drinks.
  • It’s better for the environment as you don’t end up with countless plastic bottles.
  • And having a water bottle with you will mean you drink more keeping you hydrated and healthy.

However, not all eco-friendly water bottles are created equal. We have gone out of our way to only source water bottles and other reusable products from top quality water bottle brands that focus not only on the performance of their products but their environmental impact as well.

The Best Water Bottles

Choosing a reusable water bottle from one of our tried and tested water bottle brands means no chemicals and no plastic coatings. The stainless steel water bottles have electropolished interiors that are easy to clean, so you get a fresh natural taste every time with no flavour retention or tainting as you might get from cheaper brands.

High quality 18/8 stainless steel bottles won’t taste metallic whether you are using them for water, juice, tea or anything else. And you can happily switch between drinks without worrying that your morning coffee will taste like yesterday’s soup. Providing you clean them properly first of course.

And all our bottles are designed to last. After all, what would be the point of switching to a reusable bottle if you have to replace it every six months?

In order to make your stainless steel bottle a better choice for the environment, you need to use it again and again. About 500 times in fact. Which means you need to choose a bottle that lasts. Our stainless steel drinking bottles, particularly the single-walled ones from Klean Kanteen and FOSH are virtually indestructible. Meaning you can use them day after day, year after year.

They’ll survive being bumped and scraped in a school bag every day or even being drop kicked in the playground. We even had one dropped from a first-floor window that survived with no more than a minor dent although we wouldn’t recommend testing this for obvious safety reasons.

And because these companies want you to use their products for years you can replace the lids without buying a whole new bottle. So you can switch from a sippy cap to a sports cap as your children grow up. Have a sports cap or a flip cap and a loop cap to switch between having a leakproof flask for coffee and easy access water at the gym.

Glass water bottles are less energy intensive and environmentally intrusive to make than stainless steel and the lightweight glass U Konserve Bottles are perfect if you prefer drinking water from a glass. Glass, like stainless steel, can be recycled over and over again without losing its integrity, and glass is made in the first instance from naturally abundant materials. Glass is obviously more fragile than steel and so probably isn’t the best option for a kids school bag. But the silicone sleeve gives a huge amount of extra protection and grip meaning you are less likely to drop it and it’s less likely to break if you do.

Our collapsible bottles by Que are made from food grade silicone which is non-toxic and BPA free, with a stainless steel lid. They are safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher safe, and can be used for hot or cold drinks (although they don’t recommend you use for drinks over 60 degrees as you’ll end up burning your hand.

And that’s not all…

Ethical companies:

As well as making products that are top quality and provide a great user experience we have also sought out companies that put this wonderful world that we live in high on their list of priorities.

Klean Kanteen is a certified B Corp company and gives 1% of all UK profits to Frank Water a UK based charity committed to providing safe clean water and sanitation to people all over the world.

Que is a great company that donates 10% of their profits from the sale of each bottle to The Ocean Foundation’s Polar Seas Initiative, which protects over 230 species of polar wildlife, including penguins and polar bears.

A Slice of Green focuses on making products to enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and work directly with producers to ensure sustainability right through the production process.

Qwetch gives a proportion of revenue to two charities. One which supports school enrolment for girls in China and another that acts on informing youngsters about the impact of their day-to-day behaviours on their health and the environment.

What to look for when choosing a bottle or brand that’s perfect for you

Leak-proof: Do you need a leak-proof water bottle you can throw in your bag or would you prefer a sport of flip cap?

Both Klean Kanteen and FOSH offer the option of an easy sip lid that means you can use your bottle one-handed without having to remove the lid. Perfect for the gym or for kids. And the great news is that the lids are interchangeable between the brands and sold separately.

However, although both the Klean Kanteen sports cap and the FOSH flip lid offer good leak resistance neither are guaranteed leak proof. Mean they are great for carrying with you or attaching to the outside of a bag but you might not want to put them in your handbag with any important paperwork. Their other lids, however, are leak proof so if you need both it’s no big deal.

The Climate Lock double wall 20oz insulated Klean Kanteen, for example, is perfect for cold water at the gym with the sports cap. It will keep drinks cold for up to 50 hours. Or will keep drinks hot for 20 hours meaning you can switch the cap and have hot tea or chocolate on a winter’s walk. And the wide mouth means they are easy to drink from even without the lid.

And although the lids are BPA free plastic we also love that you can buy a completely plastic-free lid for the bottles as well.

What do you like to drink from your bottle? Hot drinks, cold drinks or a mixture of both?

If you want a bottle simply so you can drink cool water 24 hours a day then a lightweight single wall stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle are best in terms of price point. And stainless steel wins in terms of durability.

However, if you want a bottle to replace not just your single-use water bottle but your coffee cup as well then you’ll want to choose an insulated bottle.

We generally find that people prefer to drink hot drinks from a wider mouth. So FOSH or Klean Kanteen is ideal. And the Klean Kanteen wide mouth can be used with the amazing leak proof cafe cap making it perfect for sipping both your morning cappuccino and your water for the rest of the day.

However, if you’ll generally be using your bottle for cold drinks and occasionally taking something hot. Or are happy to pour your soup of coffee into a cup before you drink it then the Chilly’s brand bottles come in the most stunning designs with everything from spring flowers to summer avocado’s and funky flamingo’s.

Capacity – How much do you drink, how often can you refill, and how much weight do you want to carry?

Starting with the biggest, the 64oz insulated bottle weighs 760g and carries 1900ml making it pretty heavy to carry around all day. However the classic version gives you 30 hours hot and 100 hours which is pretty impressive, and the swing top will keep beer or other carbonated beverages chilled for 40 hours and iced for 120 making it the perfect companion for a camping trip or festivals.

The lightest of the stainless steel bottles is the 12oz Klean Kanteen weighing just 147g so under 500g when full and perfect for little ones. While the 800ml with a loop cap weighs just 204g meaning a full bottle comes in at about 1kg. This is a great size if you drink a lot of water and don’t want to have to refill too often but still light and compact enough to carry with you.

Chilly’s smallest insulated bottle weighs 270g and holds 260ml and the smaller insulated Klean Kanteens weigh 258-266g and hold 340ml. This is the perfect size for a coffee and great for making sure you have ice cold water whenever you want it without taking up too much space. The mini Chilly’s bottles are particularly great for popping in your handbag.

It’s also worth being mindful that although you can, of course, fill your bottle to any level you choose you’ll get the best results from the insulated bottles when you fill them to the brim.

Colour and Style – Match your mood, your outfit or your kitchen with a great selection of colours and designs.

Once you’ve figured out which size you need and whether or not you want an insulated or single wall water bottle, take a minute to browse and find your favourite colour or design. We’ve scoured the market to bring you the best brands and only stock brands that produce high-quality products so we know you’ll be happy on that front.

Choose the beautiful mineral red by Klean Kanteen, the fabulous tropical flamingo’s by Chilly’s or treat yourself to a rose gold FOSH.