Water Bottle

Not buying bottled water is an easy switch to make in the fight against single-use plastic and it will save you money too. But in order to make the switch, you’ll need a good reusable water bottle to carry tap water with you.

Vacuum insulated double walled bottles will keep your drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours meaning there’s no need to reach for bottled water from the fridge. And if you are a tea or coffee drinker they can also be used for hot drinks, keeping your coffee hot for up to 12 hours.

Find the best reusable bottle for your lifestyle and enjoy every drink

All our water bottles are BPA free, leak proof (depending on the cap) and perfect for cold water and other cold drinks. The stainless steel insulated bottles will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours making them perfect for everything from days out with the family to the daily commute or a trip to the gym.

There are loads of fabulous colours and designs to choose from so you can have a water bottle that is perfectly personalised to your style as well as your needs.

We all know how important it is to drink more water and stay hydrated and the health benefits it can bring. Treating yourself to a beautiful water bottle might be just the incentive you need.

How to Choose

We have so many great water bottles that we thought you might want to go over some of the options before you pick.

Stainless steel or glass

First up Stainless Steel vs Glass. Most of the bottles we stock are made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel. It’s durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t retain or impart flavour making it the perfect material for a drinking bottle and great if you are switching drinks.

The super stylish FOSH bottles are completely plastic-free having stainless steel lids. Many of the other bottles have BPA free plastic lids but you can also choose a totally plastic-free lid for Klean Kanteen if you prefer the style or just want to have no plastic in contact with your drinks.

The U Konserve Glass bottles have a BPA free plastic lid with a silicone stopper so no plastic comes in contact with your drink. Plus they have a silicone sleeve to make them easy to grip and cushion them against knocks or falls. Perfect if you prefer drinking from glass but a little heavier than the stainless steel so maybe better on your desk rather than carrying them on an all-day hike.

Vacuum Insulated or Single-Walled Bottles

Choosing between an insulated bottle or a single-walled bottle is likely to be decided by how you use the bottle and what you want to drink from it.

If you are simply looking for a lightweight water bottle to keep you hydrated on the go then the single-walled stainless steel bottles are perfect. They come in a range of sizes depending on how much water you like to have with you. With the 500ml to 800ml being the most popular for daily use. But going up to a whopping 1900ml if you need a days supply without being able to refill.

The wide mouth water bottles are also popular for outdoor enthusiasts as they can be used with water sterilisation units.

The single-walled Klean Kanteen bottles come with a variety of interchangeable lids that are perfect for children to take to school and far more durable than brittle plastic bottles that are easily breakable if they drop in the playground.

However, if you want your drinks to stay chilled all day or you’d like to be able to use your water bottle for a hot drink as well then the insulated bottles are a great buy.

The FOSH vital bottle is 550ml, plastic-free and keeps drinks COLD for up to 24 hours or HOT for up to 12 hours. They are leak proof, reasonably priced, and come in a great range of colours and designs. And they really are great at keeping drinks hot so watch out you don’t burn your mouth.

Klean Kanteen insulated bottles are available in a great range of sizes from 12oz (355ml) right up to 64oz (1900ml). You can get a sippy lid that’s ideal for toddlers and a sports cap that’s perfect for those who prefer not to just tip and sip (great for kids or the gym). These caps also fit the FOSH Active water bottles so if you prefer their colours or design you can easily mix and match.

Neither the sippy for sports cap is designed to be used with hot drinks so you will need the standard loop cap for that. Or if you opt for a wide mouth bottle you can get a leak-proof cafe cap which is perfect for hot or cold drinks on the go making it more like a flask than a mere bottle. The wide mouth bottles are also perfect if you like adding ice or fruit to drinks and can even be used for keeping ice cream cold for a picnic or taking a hot soup or stew with you to work.

Finally, the Chillies insulated bottles are equally stunning with some amazing designs and come in three sizes, 260ml, 500ml and 750ml. They have a smaller opening/lid than Klean Kanteen or Fosh at 35mm meaning they are not so great for standard size ice cubes, but are still easy to drink from and they look great.

Leak Proof or Easy Access

This is more about the cap than the water bottle itself and you might find you want a different lid for different occasions. All the bottles are totally leak proof with the standard lids meaning you can keep them in your bag or throw them in the footwell of the car without issue.

However, sometimes you might want to be able to take a drink one-handed without having to remove the lid of your water bottle. If this is important then either the Klean Kanteen standard bottles fit the sports, flip and sippy cap meaning you can drink ice cold water without having to break your stride.

For easy access hot drinks the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth with Cafe Cap is the one to go for. Or check out our great range of reusable coffee cups.

How wide an opening do you want or need

Again this is really all about preference. The U Konserve glass bottle has the narrowest opening and the Klean Kanteen Wide the widest. And the FOSH and standard Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles are plenty wide enough for easily adding ice to your drink.

A water bottle with a narrower opening like the Chilly’s Bottles might be preferable if you are drinking on the move as the smaller mouth means less chance of spills. Handy if you are sipping coffee from a moving train.


Finally, choosing the right size is all about how much weight you want to carry vs how much water you drink.

If you need a bottle that will keep you hydrated all day then the Klean Kanteen 64oz bottles are perfect. You can choose a single wall, which is lighter, or vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold or hot all day long.

Most people find that a 500ml – 1000ml is great for daily hydration as you don’t have to fill up too often. And for children, the smaller water bottles are great as they are lighter and easier to use and carry.