Why Are Reusable Water Bottle Better Than Plastic Water Bottles

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  • Date: April 26, 2022
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Why Reusable Water Bottles are Better

Have you genuinely thought about why reusable water bottle are better than plastic? Or have you automatically opted for plastic bottles based on convincing advertisements?

While it may seem convenient to buy plastic bottled water as you rush along to work or class, they cause much more harm than you’re probably aware of.

Why Reusable Bottles are Better to Reduce Carbon Footprints

In the UK, more than 7.7 billion plastic bottles are consumed every year and every one of them will take more than 400 years to decompose. As a cause for more concern, more than 50% of the plastic contained in the Thames is single-use plastic bottles. They are a hazard to marine life, birds, and fish that choke on bottle tops and sharp pieces. There are several critical reasons why reusable bottles are better for us compared to disposable ones.

In addition to the effect on the environment, single-use plastic bottles also pose a series of health risks to consumers. From an environmental as well as health perspective, this is why reusable bottles are better. If you think about it, plastic bottles are manufactured for the sole reason of being thrown away.

It’s best to be aware of why reusable bottles are better before you decide to invest in them.

Why Are Reusable Water Bottle Better Than Plastic Water Bottles

Why Reusable Bottles Are Better for Health

The type of material used to make reusable bottles is different from disposable ones. One of the reasons why reusable bottles are better is that they’re made from stainless steel, glass or higher grade plastics. These are resistant to hot water and do not degenerate at high temperatures.

Bottled water containers are often made of standard plastics (this is why they are generally cheaper) that leach when washed with hot water. This means that the chemicals leak into your water. In fact, these harmful chemicals have been linked with higher health risks like cancer. The unsavoury, ‘bottled-water taste’ is also caused due to chemical leaching.

One of the main reasons why reusable bottles are better is that they keep water fresh-tasting for longer times. Since plastic bottles are prone to leaking chemicals at high temperatures, we need to think seriously about why reusable bottles are better for overall health.

Also, reusable water bottles keep your beverages hotter or colder for much longer than plastic bottles. The entire lifecycle of plastic bottles, from production to disposal, is harmful to our health and to the environment.

Why Reusable Bottles Are Better for Affordability

Although each bottle of water may seem very cheap (1 litre of bottled water costly roughly between 62 to 68p, the price varies according to the brand), you end up spending much more money than you imagine. Without realising it, we keep buying more and more plastic bottles every day.

An average British family ends up spending hundreds of pounds on bottled water compared to safer, healthier tap water. After all, why pay extra for something that you can get for free right in the comfort of your house?

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