Why Use a Reusable Coffee Cup?

  • By: Claire
  • Date: April 26, 2022
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Reusable coffee cups are considered by many people as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cups. Most of them are made from sustainable or highly recyclable materials which are not only good on the environment but on our bodies as well. There are so many reasons as to why you should be using one instead of disposables.

Reusable Coffee Cups Takes Care of the Planet

Disposable coffee cups are usually made from styrofoam or paper. Although these may look innocent, these cups are both non-biodegradable. Trees that have been around for years are being felled to make a single-use product. Paper cups have plastic lining called polyethylene which makes them waterproof and hard to recycle. Add to the fact that disposable cups are used as beverage containers, a special recycling center is needed in order to recycle them properly and there are only a few of those.

Unlike disposables, reusable coffee cups can be used over again for many years. They are durable especially the ones made from food-grade stainless steel which means you do not have to buy a replacement every year.

Most reusable coffee cups are also highly recyclable with biodegradable parts. For example, cups made from toughened glass like KeepCup’s Brew Cork comes with a cork band for easy handling when contents are hot. The glass itself can be recycled while the cork band is biodegradable. It would break down naturally.

Stainless steel coffee cups are also recyclable and could be repurposed into something entirely different. In fact, stainless steel is one of few materials that can be 100% recycled.

Saves Money

Most reusable coffee cups are designed to fit most barista’s coffee machines so they are accepted in a wide selection of coffee shops. Moreover, more coffee shops are offering discounts to incentivise patrons for using bringing in their own reusable cup.

No matter how small the discount is, this can quickly add and grow over time especially for a coffee connoisseur. There are days also when instead of buying takeaway coffee, you just make a cup at your office and take it home with you inside your coffee cup.

Durable and Stylish

Reusable coffee cups are durable and can last as long as you take good care of them. Stainless steel fabricated cups can withstand extreme conditions and accidental bumps. Some glass cups are reinforced with silicone sleeves and a lid that allows users to handle the cup with hot contents.

Apart from being durable, most reusable coffee cups come in stylish and trendy designs. There are plenty of prints, sizes, and features to choose from (this can be the hardest part!). But you can choose the best cup that suits you and fits your personality.

Unlike disposable cups, reusable coffee cups feature a spill-proof and leak-proof experience. You can carry one with you while traveling or commuting to work without having to worry about spills. Although some can be a bit pricey, there are many reusable cups that are budget-friendly and durable.


If you noticed it yet, coffee tastes way better in a reusable coffee cup. Especially if the cup is made from ceramic or stainless steel. There’s no altering or imparting of flavor when using food-grade stainless steel cups. That’s a huge difference compared to using plastic cups which make your beverage taste like plastic. Disposable cups tend to leach chemicals into your beverage like BPA or bisphenol a which is a hormone disruptor and many experts consider as carcinogenic.

Whether it’s just for work or home, reusable coffee cups are good for our bodies, the environment and of course, our wallets. There’s a wide selection of portable cups to choose from which come in various designs and colours.

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